The significant advantage of having fun on the beach is that you do not need to drag heavy equipment to the shore and you do not need to wear shoes! Beach exercises are fun just for the fact that you are outdoors and, in an environment, where you have a continual relaxing and vacation atmosphere.

It takes almost three times as much energy to walk and run in the sand than hitting the tar roads. You must contend with constant moving sand, forcing a greater workout and it gives you a great balance challenge. Always do a few good warm-up exercises before hitting the sand.

When stairs are leading up to the beach, you can run up and down on them for a good warm-up exercise. Doing squats and pushups is difficult on sand but will make you burn those unwanted calories very quickly although there are much more fun ways than to work this hard to get the results much quicker.


Beach volleyball

Beach volleyball is a great workout and a game to play. The game improves your agility as you must do a lot of jumping, diving and short sprints in the sand. You will learn to have endurance, speed and coordination. The best thing about this workout, you can do it with friends and make new ones all the time!

Ultimate frisbee

Ultimate frisbee is a non-contact sport played with a flying disk. The flying disc is also called a frisbee. This game is intense, fast-paced and strategic that involves passing and running giving you an excellent workout. When you finish the game, you will have run a long way and enjoyed the fun.


Surfing requires excellent strength especially upper body strength as you paddle out through the waves. You only rest waiting for the perfect wave to take you back to shore. Surfing develops balance and coordination.

Beach soccer

Beach soccer involves sprinting over short distances. You need excellent core muscle strength and a lot of stamina.


The sea, as nature’s pool, is subject to sudden changes. Always keep safe and make sure to take note of winds and tides and always follow the instructions of the lifeguards. Swimming is low impact and increases cardio workout. It does not put stress on your joints and muscles. Swimming in the sea involves activities like snorkelling and diving making it an entertaining way to exercise at the beach.

There is so much to do at the beach if you like to be on the water. Canoeing and kayaking is another way to lose excess weight while having fun. Whatever you desire, you can do on the beach in the sand. Like playing games or being more severe with circuit training . It does not matter as long as you lose weight and have fun at the same time!


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