The bicycle was invented as a means for transportation over 200 years ago by Karl Von Drais. From that day, bicycles have seen expansion in its uses. Today, the bicycle industry is valued to be $45 billion. This naturally causes the price of these bicycles to rise. Bike shop mississauga sells some of the expensive cycles that are also expensive than cars. It is only natural to look at some of the most expensive bikes that were ever sold in the world


Butterfly Trek Madone

Butterfly Trek Madone is a bike that was ridden by Lance Armstrong in the Tour de France in the year 2009. It was designed by Damien Hirst, the design he used were a butterfly to celebrate Armstrong’s return after his battle against cancer. This bike was later sold for an astonishing $500,000


Trek Yoshitomo Nara

This is a very beautiful and an attractive bike which contains the drawing for a Japanese artist Yoshimoto Nara, who is known for drawing images of children with negative facial expressions. This bike is extremely lightweight due to the material used. This beautiful bike with was sold for $200,000


Kaws Rek Madone

Due to its sleek and comfortable design, this bike has won a lot of races. This bike was then later auctioned off by Sotheby’s for a cancer cause as it was made for Armstrongs’s daily cycling routine. This bike was auctioned off at a price tag of  $160,000


Aurumania Crystal Edition Gold Bike

This bike is made of gold exclusively, a Plush creation, made with 24 karat gold and Swarovski Crystals and to add to its beauty the seat is made of fine leather. There are only seven of these bikes in the world, making it the most sought after bike especially among mountain bike lovers. This bike can cost you over $114,400.


Trek Madone 7- Diamond

This bike is made of 307 diamonds, which was also used by Lance Armstrong while he won the 7th Tour de France title. It was created by Nike, Trek Bikes, Alan Friedman and Lenny Futura to create this $75,000 masterpiece.


Rare Tiffany and Co. Silver Mounted Lady’s Bike

First made in 1890 this classic bike was sold at $70000. Due to its beauty, this bike is highly recommended by even celebrities as its beauty enticed them towards the bike.


Chrome Hearts X Cervelo Bike

This mountain has speed, luxury and blink as it is known for its remarkable speed and velocity. Made of Plush leather, rhinestones and metals to make it one the best. This beauty was highly sought after for its impressive speed and agility. This luxury bike was sold for about $60,000.


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