Snoring can affect not only your sleep but also the sleep of the person who is snoring if you are looking for means to ensure that snoring does not affect your sleep and also is not invasive in nature. An anti-snoring pillow is your best bet. There are many things that one has to take into consideration before selecting an anti-snoring pillow, such as if the pillow will be a wedge, cervical, memory foam, microbead, smart pillows. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it is up to you to decide which one is right for you.

Smart Nora

Smart Nora is a kind of smart pillow which comes with two parts a pump and a wireless receiver. There is a microphone attached to the receiver, and when it detects sound, it sends a signal to inflate the pillow slowly. There are many ways to personalize the receiver to catch your voice and then activate.

Nitronic goodnite anti-snore pillow

Nitronic goodnight is a smart technology which detects your snoring and positions itself on your head in the right way that will help stop the snoring. The Nitetronic anti-snore pillow detects vibrations, which then analyzes the sounds and manipulate itself to stop the snoring. Also, it is connected to your smartphone, which records your sleeping patterns and ensures you are having the best sleep time.

Level sleep restore pillow

Level sleep restore pillow is much simpler as there are no cords or parts which you need to connect every night. It is comfortable and covered in polyester, which feels cool and luxurious. As it is a restore pillow, it is designed in a way which maximizes the flow of oxygen into your mouth, nose, lungs as it functions by keeping your jaw pushed forward and let the airways open. It is one of the best pillows to stop snoring completely.

InteVision Foam Wedge Bed Pillow

InteVision is a foam which is wedged and rises at an angle to keep your head elevated to encourage blood and oxygen flow. The most common cause of snoring is overly relaxed throat tissue, and the wedge-shaped of the pillow ensures the most comfortable sleep. Although the wedge pillow is large and heavy, it is easier to keep your air channels for maximum air circulation.

FitPlus premium wedge pillow

A FitPlus wedge pillow is designed specifically for snoring the wedged shape of the pillow allows for air to pass in and out and as the pillow is made of foam, it fits the contour of your body which provides a firm foundation to your head and shoulders. Also, the wedge pillow is soft and washable, which help keep the pillow clean from all the bodily fluids from the nights.


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